City of Dimona (& Arad) on Strike: It’s NOT ALL IN Tel Aviv

Protesters over layoffs at Israel Chemicals, sign: Idan Ofer destroys Israel’s Industry: Calcalist, Arad Israel, 17-Apr-2015

In their enthusiasm for life, growth and certainly search for a better economic opportunity, Tel Avivians sometimes ignore the rest of Israel. We call this phenomena “the Tel Aviv bubble” – as if we are living in our own independent bubble. This essentially sarcastic (and humiliating) barb is not new. For years, the “periphery” of the state has been complaining of neglect. But this time it’s directed at mostly non-government employers.

Although not exactly related to Tel Aviv’s residents, Israelis are still concerned over economic imbalance. The gap between different regions is a problem. All along Israel’s history, the attraction to the big cities was a concern. When Ben-Gurion served as the prime minister in the 1950s, the government started investment in the south (from Beer Sheva to Eilat). Along the coastal areas in the south (Ashdod & Ashkelon) development has picked up recently. But this is not the case in the rest of the south where development is slowly going forward. High home prices in central Israel helped the coastal cities. Also some immigration from France and the UK due to unrest and fears of Jews from Muslim communities there (this is somewhat a controversial issue which most traditional Israeli media does not highlight) helped Ashdod & Ashkelon. The unrest is not just a one time event. Keep an eye on these issues and let’s see how it develops.

Tel Aviv is Open for Dining 24/7

by Sam-d-Man (Tel Aviv enthusiast from the US) – Tel Aiv, Israel

The night creeps up. Long meetings, a late date, fell asleep early. It’s 2:00 AM and where can I get some good food? In most places this is a problem. But not in the hottest 24/7 city: Tel Aviv (Israel). You may dine on breakfast as you like it, with eggs, bacon, salad, cheese and coffee. [there are a few places like The Benedict which offer a “standard Israeli” breakfast all day]. If a burger is your late night favorite there are many all night restaurants that serve burgers as you like them 24/7. These restaurants are all full service, with a wide variety of dishes on the menu. 
There are also plenty of late night bars/pubs, cafes and convenience stores open all night. They offer a more limited menu. Some all night eateries offer a specialty like baked goods (Abulafia on Ibn-Gvirol) or burgers. You will see people late at night there as well. 

    24/7 Restaurants / Burger Joints / & more…

Braserie (French bistro) – Across Rabin Square (city hall) on Ibn Gvirol
Dixie Grill (American) – 125 Yigal Alon east of the Ayalon highway
The Street (standard Israeli rest-cafe) – four locations: across Dizengoff Center on King George; Ibn Gvirol @ Arlozorov; old north: Dizengoff @ Yermiyahu
Benedict (24/7 breakfast) – ### Ben Yehuda